A Propshaft / Driveshaft / Cardan Shaft Component Manufacturing Company

Our Vision

We aspire to be South Africa’s leading driveline components manufacturer and partner of choice locally and abroad.

Our Mission

To continuously improve our products and the range of products by paying attention to our customer needs and requirements.

Our Values

Coetz Manufacturing is committed to good corporate governance driven by fairness, honesty, integrity, transparency and accountability in all our business dealings.

Who We Are

Coetz Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd is a manufacturing company specializing in the manufacturing of driveline components for the automotive, mining and industrial industries.

The company was originally established in 1997 manufacturing driveline components for the African market. In 2018 Coetz Technologies acquired the company and renamed it to Coetz Manufacturing.

As Coetz Technologies is the leading driveline components distributer in Africa having its own components manufacturing facility made sense as a business decision for several reasons.

Since the takeover in 2018 we have already made great improvements in products designs, quality, production time etc.

HIGH QUALITY driveline components manufactured by a company PASSIONATE about QUALITY and SERVICE